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Christa Williams 
DVM, DABVP (canine/feline)
Low Stress Handling Certified Silver level

I grew up in Michigan but came to call the Twin Cities home after graduating from Carleton College with a B.A. in Religious Studies in 1992. After a year or two of  post-graduate soul-searching, I realized that I wanted to pursue my childhood  dream of becoming a  veterinarian. I spent the next several years fulfilling the pre-vet math  and science requirements and in 1997 I was accepted to the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota; I can still remember screaming as I ran all over my house waving the acceptance letter in the air!

I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2001 and have spent the last two decades deepening my passion for my  profession and discovering  what kind of veterinarian I want to be. 


In order to delve more deeply into the science of my practice, in 2010 I completed the rigorous certification process to become a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. This organization is authorized by the American Veterinary Medical Association to confer “Specialist” status on General Practitioners who successfully complete the certification process. Today I am one of a handful of veterinarians in Minnesota who have completed this process in the canine/feline category. (

As a clinician, I have a special passion for all aspects of veterinary dentistry—there are few things more satisfying than making an infected, painful mouth healthy and comfortable for a patient. I also take deep satisfaction from helping clients with geriatric pets manage chronic diseases to maximize quality of life.

Although I love solving the puzzles that sick pets can present with, my interactions with clients are really what bring me the most job satisfaction. I started Caravan Vet in order to provide exceptional veterinary care in a way that would minimize stress for my patients and maximize my ability to connect with my clients. I love helping people take the best possible care of their beloved family members!

My own pets have been my most important teachers in both life and veterinary medicine. My cat Piggy was the reason I decided to become a veterinarian. My Standard Poodle Fia gave me the strength and support I needed to make Caravan Vet a success. I currently live with two cats: Wander Lee and Frida. Wander is the living embodiment of love (and poor decision making). Frida’s calm presence is a comfort at the end of every day.


When I am not seeing patients, I love working out at The Firm, doing yoga and cooking elaborate vegan meals. It is an honor and a privilege to be a veterinarian and I am sincerely grateful for the trust that my clients place in me every day!

Elizabeth Parks 
Low Stress Handling Certified Silver level

Originally from Los Angeles, I now call Minneapolis my home.  Sula, my three-legged cat, and I moved to the Twin Cities in 2010, so I could attend the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2014, I leaped at the opportunity to practice in South Minneapolis at a neighborhood dog and cat veterinary practice. That rewarding experience shaped my future professional goals and belief in the practice philosophy of Caravan Vet. I believe it is essential to provide high-quality veterinary services to dogs and cats who find car rides to the vet, and other animals at the clinic, stressful. I love being part of a practice where the animals are more at ease when receiving care. I also recognize that not everyone is able to transport their pet to a veterinary clinic. To provide care to all pets regardless of their human companion’s access or ableism cannot be taken lightly.


My areas of interest continue to evolve through experience and staying current on research. I love developing care plans for geriatric dogs and cats who are in pain. It warms my heart to receive a phone call or email from a client that their pet is now moving with greater ease. Additionally, I have extensive experience with treating gastrointestinal dysfunctions and formulating nutrition plans for both weight loss and sick pets. My interest in dermatology stems from excellent mentors and the fact that many dogs and cats experience skin imbalances. Resolving skin infections and the itch sensation is a relief for both the patient and the client. I also enjoy the challenge of providing veterinary care for animals with chronic diseases.


I’ve loved making Minneapolis my home both professionally and personally.  I now find the robust four seasons, including the serenity of a snow-covered city in the winter, the leaves dramatically changing color in the fall, and the endless possibilities of the spring energizing and comforting. In 2018, Sula sadly passed away too soon, and three weeks later, my child Juna was born, deepening my joy and awe in the seasons of life. My family also includes a Corgi-German Shepherd mix, Tinker, who came from the Standing Rock Reservation, where I did volunteer veterinary work as a student.


In my spare time, I enjoy planting and gardening to support the bird, bee, and butterfly populations at our South Minneapolis home. Creating a spiral herb garden using permaculture principles has enhanced many of our meals. Bird watching and getting to know the winged creatures I share space with is also important to me. I find meaning as an active member of my neighborhood community. Empty Bowls is one example of an event I look forward to each year. Empty bowls is an international project put on by neighborhoods and organized by local artists to raise money for hunger in our communities.

Certified Veterinary Technician
Low Stress Handling Certified Silver level


I was the child who was always trying to bring home any animal that I found. We had cats for my younger years, but then it was discovered that my sister was allergic to them. Watching someone who answered the ad for a “free cat” in the local paper take my cat away was the worst day of my life at 6 years old. I then had to settle for rabbits and guinea pigs as my furry companions but I realized that they made great pets!! I even took to showing them at the county fair. You can see some of my blue ribbons on display at our garage. My sister eventually outgrew her

allergy and we adopted cats while I was in high school. I still wasn’t convinced that animals should be part of my future career so I headed off to the University of Minnesota – Duluth where I changed my major about 12 times. I then transferred to Argosy University and obtained an A.A.S. degree in Veterinary Technology. After many long hours of studying, I successfully passed the certification exam in 2005.


I thoroughly enjoy meeting all the new puppies and kittens that our clients are adding to their families. I have a special interest in dentistry and cats, especially cats who have behavior issues and cats who are in their golden years of life.


My husband and I recently adopted two of the cutest little kittens named Mallory and Stephanie Tanner. We are looking forward to watching them grow and become the best lap warmers. So far they are keeping us and each other very entertained!! They have some big paws to fill as we lost our first two cats in the last couple of years.


When not working, I enjoy reading, taking walks with my husband, travelling the Caribbean and running in local road races.

Client Services Representative
Low Stress Handling Certified Silver level


I was that kid that tried to bring home animals all the time, from abandoned birds and bunnies to stray cats. I did everything from begging my parents to keep them to sneaking them in (I was always caught). I never thought of a career in the veterinary field until after I obtained my degree in Psychology and Communications from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. I spent a couple of years working for a temp agency while I tried to figure out what I really wanted to do. A job opening at a vet clinic was my answer and I spent 12 years there as a client services representative before joining the team at Caravan Vet. I love communicating with clients and making sure all their (and their 4- legged friends) needs are met.


I have a dog, Holly, a Longhair Dachshund with back issues; she runs like a rabbit and will still jump on everything, even when we tell her no.  I also have 1 cat, Hef, who thinks he’s a dog as well, when he’s not snuggling with Holly, you’ll find him in front of the nearest vent either warming up or cooling off. 


My husband Bill and I are huge Disney fans, we’re always planning our next trip to Disneyworld or our next Disney Cruise. I also enjoy reading books, watching movies and spending time with my friends and family. 

Team Assistant
Low Stress Handling Certified Silver level


As a young child I always told my family I would grow up to be an “animal nurse”. We always had animals, from dogs and cats, to many rats, and even a leopard gecko!  My career with animals started when I turned 17, working at a dog daycare/boarding facility and working my way up from a kennel attendant to an assistant manager in 3 years. I even rescued a beautiful 11 year old Great Dane named Jade who was abandoned at the day care in 2020. After 6 amazing months, and just after her 12th birthday, Jade passed away from cancer. After she passed, I became very passionate about advocating for senior dog adoption, and senior dog care. 


Starting my career with Caravan Vet, I am amazed every day at the compassion and knowledge Team Amazing shares with me. I love learning new things, seeing parts of the Twin Cities I haven’t seen, and helping to take care of all the wonderful patients we see!


I am excited to start my journey towards becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician this fall. When I am not working, I enjoy cooking vegetarian meals with my fiancé, playing a good game of tug-o-war with my mom’s dogs Minnie the Mastiff and Sassy the Schnauzer/Miniature Pinscher mix. I also enjoy watching movies with my fiancé and housemates, with our cat Pumpkin perched on the couch behind us.









Team Assistant
Low Stress Handling Certified Silver level

It seems like I always knew I would be working with animals in some way. As a kid, I loved researching different pets, even going as far as making PowerPoint presentations to try to convince my parents to let me get one. My presentation skills must have been effective, because our house was always filled with a variety of pets, from dogs and Guinea Pigs to snakes and geckos! I take pride in providing the best care for all my pets and I love learning new ways to do so, even if it is something as bizarre as giving a frog a honey massage - which I have in fact done. Our house is still a bit of a zoo. My family has two dogs: Nellie, a yellow lab, and Winter, a German Shorthair Pointer, as well as a ferret named Frank and a corn snake named Luna. I am incredibly grateful to be working at Caravan Vet, continuing to learn everything I can about animal care. Every day I learn something new from the members of Team Amazing and the unique and wonderful animals we care for. Outside of work, I enjoy hanging out with my family at our cabin up North, cooking and baking, and thrift shopping. I am very passionate about sustainability and conservation and do my best to incorporate it into everything I do, always on the hunt for environmentally friendly alternatives and ways to protect our wildlife.
Appointment Assistant
Low Stress Handling Certified Silver level
I grew up in the scenic town of Osceola, WI. Early on my family always knew a career for me was meant to be with animals as most of my summers were spent at my grandparent's farm cuddling kittens, riding horses, and running with the dogs. I was naturally drawn to all animals and in return they brought me a sense of purpose.  My experience working with animals began at my grandma's farm training horses and continued at an animal sanctuary in Star Prairie, WI. There, I especially loved taking care of the paraplegic dogs, doing water therapy and cart exercises with such high-spirited souls.


After moving to Minneapolis in 2017 I began working at a corporate clinic where I gained technical skills with animals; however, I did not feel satisfied in fulfilling my ‘purpose’ until I started my career at Caravan Vet. 


Working with animals today, I enjoy communicating with clients about their pets’ care, helping to ensure a positive and healthy environment for all! Doing so wouldn't be possible without the wonderful veterinarians, vet techs and animal caretakers I have met throughout the years who have taught me so much and inspire me to keep learning more. The next part of my animal care journey is to become a Certified Veterinary Technician.  When not at work, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my partner, Mark, and our two cats George and Scarlett. Our cats are very important family members although we do occasionally leave them to go snowboarding in the mountains or hike through the desert. At home we also care for a variety of tropical plants and saltwater tank with a unique fish crew that keeps us entertained.  

In Memoriam

Fiona Lucille Anne Williams

6.12.2005 - 2.23.2019

We Miss You, Fia!

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